Women who decide to change their lives

by Ivano Abbadessa - 2015.08.06
Women who decide to change their lives
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A collection of stories, personal accounts and interviews with women who have chosen to change their lives: that's the idea behind MissCareerLess (MCL). The new website, in English, is dedicated to women who have gone in search of new horizons and have found a way, albeit with great difficulty, to turn the page and put the past behind them.

The driving force and founder is a young Hungarian, Virág Gulyás, who told West how she came up with the idea – of “creating a website that shows women's empowerment, a process of individual growth based on increasing self-esteem, which brings out our latent resources and leads us to consciously appropriate our potential” – after experiencing first hand what it means to choose another way of being in the world.

MCL is me. Leaving my life as a dancer and then my office job made me see the world I thought I could live in through different eyes. That's why I went to New York to study journalism and it was there that I met others like me who were on the same journey.”

“I shared my idea with four extraordinary women. We didn't know each other but our backgrounds connected us: our passion for change, the desire to write and our desire to encourage others.”

MissCareerLess is not like traditional women's magazines because its vision is “global and open to all ages. Eight countries and 10 different cultures are represented by just the four of us. In six months we have published stories from more than 12 countries. Based on this diversity, we want to overcome the cliché that «the grass is always greener on the other side». For the simple reason that the grass is green in New York, just like it is in Berlin or Tel Aviv, as long as you know how to water it.”

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