When it comes to immigration Trump is treated like Minniti

by Guido Bolaffi - 2017.08.09
When it comes to immigration Trump is treated like Minniti
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Until yesterday, we were convinced that politicians’ totally biased viewpoints on immigration were a sort of Italian trademark kept strong by the daily routines of the country’s political parties. We were wrong. As demonstrated by Trump’s enemies’ position to categorically refuse, without any room for discussion, his most recently proposed immigration reforms. A complex issue, to be sure, as we have tried to point out in detail, in our earlier article. With some delicate questions to face. That for almost twenty years, all of the administrations, independently of political party, have tried without success to unravel. A reality that everyone seems to want to forget.

As becomes clear when an authoritative and prudent newspaper like the New York Times, for months on the front line in the war against Trump, goes out on a limb, to the point of declaring the recent White House immigration proposal “senseless” , a proposal without any merit at all. Convinced, unlike the President, that it is not true that unemployed Americans will be the beneficiaries of reduced numbers of unqualified foreign workers. A totally legitimate opinion, in and of itself. If not for the fact that in one of its columns, a noted economist, Paul Krugman, had stated the contrary: “immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants…we’ll need to reduce the inflow of low-skill immigrants” .

There is no hiding it. It is as clear as day: when the partiality of prejudice takes over common sense, it’s like watching on the sidelines as someone shoots himself in the foot. To the point that even a credible and highly regarded research center like the Migration Policy Institute of Washington , not being able to avoid taking a position on the issue, and having to maintain its loyalty to the Democrats, had to try and get out of the corner it was boxed into, with a totally nebulous declaration ”as whole the implications of the immigration proposal may be both bigger and smaller than promised by its sponsors”. If someone called it a bunch of hot air, they might find some supporters.

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