Youth in Ireland

Irish teenager’s short film about cyberbullying


Luke Culhane, a 13-year-old Irish filmmaker, created a short film about cyberbullying. He invites to play your part by using STOP, BLOCK TELL. STOP: Stop and think before posting something online that might be upsetting ...

When I accepted suggestions by my worst enemy anorexia


Imogene used to be sparkly, vivacious and outgoing. She used to fancy lads, have curves and love chips. Recently however she has become withdrawn, gaunt, obsessed with exercise. The reason? Caol, her new best ...

Anorexia nervosa grows among boys


The mean age on admissions to hospital for anorexia nervosa in Ireland has decreased from 14 years to 13.5. The research, carried out by Children’s University Hospital (CUH), from 2005 to 2011 has also ...