Soon refugees in Italy can participate in Civil Service activities


In Italy, not too long from now, refugees will be able to participate in Civil Service activities. Thanks to a new Memorandum of Understanding proposed by a number of government entities working together: the ...

New calls for the selection of volunteers to be used in projects of the civil service


Seven profiles of Italian volunteers


Individuals with disabilities who help instead of being helped


Individuals with disabilities who volunteer to help others, why not? It's usually the other way around. People normally think of those with disabilities receiving assistance. But, there is nothing that says that they can't work ...

Volunteer work best after retirement


Volunteering is beneficial to one’s health and spirit after 40 – not before.  This data has just been released by researchers at Southampton University. After having interviewed a large sample of British adults, they concluded ...

Never before have parents felt happier than their kids


Three out of five kids are perpetually anxious and dissatisfied with their lives. According to the study by Future Foundations, who questioned 5000 young English people between 17 and 33 years old. They don’t ...