Transplants and donation - 2

Switzerland lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood


Switzerland has softened rules that permanently banned men who have sex with men from donating blood. Currently, all men in Switzerland who have had sex with another man since 1977 are barred from donating ...

Human-pig embro demonstrates promising future for transplants


The Italian identity card has become a moral choice


Not all Italian citizens know that when they apply for a new Identity Card or renew one, they can express their consent to organ and tissue donation. A program launched in the Italian region ...

Denmark a self-sufficient cornea donor nation


Denmark no longer needs to import corneas from other nations. Thanks to closer co-operation between hospitals regarding cornea donations from the deceased, Denmark become a self-sufficient cornea donor nation. According to the Danish Cornea ...

The number of bone marrow donors in the world


More than 28 million people in the world are bone marrow donors. The primary illnesses which benefit from bone marrow transplants are acute leucemia, lymfoma, myelodysplasia, other hematological illnesses, and non-neoplastic pathologies. The data ...