Human Trafficking

In this section, West selects the most up-to-date news, accompanied by regulations, data and studies addressing human trafficking: trafficking, an English term adopted in one of three Protocols of the ONU Conventions against the transnational crime pertaining to the transferring of individuals for purposes of removing their organs, or for insertion in the prostitution or forced labor markets, through means that involve threats of violence or other forms of coercion (kidnapping, fraud, deception, abuse of power).

The profession is illegal but the insurance policy isn’t


France has launched the first healthcare insurance program for prostitutes. At least, this is what the Strass, union for the sex worker sector, and the private non-profit mutuelle de prévoyance interprofessionelle MPI has announced. They addressed this ...

New generation geishas seem like innocent school girls


In Japan, under an innocent school uniform, with a sailor motif, there is a baby prostitute. At least this is what the no profit association Bond Project has reported. The report also highlights the ...

Super-data-sharing solution protects prostitutes


Hi-tech prostitution in the UK has contributed to saving the lives of many prostitutes in that country.By signing up for a special database called National Ugly Mugs, the sex worker across The Channel, can, in fact, report ...

Modern slaves coming from Albania headed to the U.K.


Albania is the principle supplier of potential victims of modern slavery  to the United Kingdom. This fact emerged in the “National Referral Mechanism”. The inquiry initiated by a numer of British institutions traced the last three years ...

How many people are victims of human trafficking


More than 20 million people living today around the world have been trafficked for sexual exploitation, forced labour and other activities across the world, generating a profit of €117 billion a year. On the ...