Stress and depression

Pet-therapy in Milan airports to reduce stress


Pet-therapy in Milan airports to help the small and big passengers relax before takeoff. This is the initiative launched by SEA together with the association Amici Terapeuti Onlus. In fact, for the entire summer, in ...

Men and women suffer equally after sexual abuse


Male victims of sexual violence suffer in the same way that women do. A study at Florida Atlantic University dispels the myth that the so-called stronger sex reacts better or in a more aggressive ...

Map of London for visitors who suffer from anxiety


The London tube has become anxiety-friendly. Transport For London (TfL), in fact, has just presented a map of the famous underground, that indicates above-ground and underground stops, for sensitive riders: those who suffer panic ...

Young Japanese say “No” to workaholic culture


Here is why videogames help immigrant children adjust


Videogames act as instruments of integration for refugees who are minors. At least, this is the result of an experiment undertaken by New York university on a sample of Syrian children and adolescents, refugees ...