Roma and Sinti

In this section, West selects the most up-to-date news, accompanied by regulations, data and studies pertaining to peoples of the ethnic groups Rom e Sinti: populations of migrants and nomads present in Europe and the Americas. Rom (coming from the language romanés «man, human being ») e Sinti (from Sindh, region of western Pakistan) are commonly called zingari (from Atsigan, Tsigan, adapted from medieval Greek Αίγγανος, «untouchable»).

Possible first for French Senator who is Rom


Anina Ciuciu could become the first French senator of Rom origins. She is 27 years old, a human rights activist, lawyer, aspiring judge, from Paris, and has an excellent chance of winning a Senate ...

How people of ethnic minority Roma live in Italy


80% of Roma are at risk of poverty


The levels of deprivation, marginalisation, and discrimination of Europe’s largest minority is a grave failure of law and policy in the EU and its Member States. 80% of Roma interviewed are at risk of ...

Gypsy Queens cook up Roma dishes in the eternal city


From the famous Magliana criminal gang, to the Gipsy Queens: 10 Roma women are now conquering the southern suburbs of Rome. Because in the gypsy encampment at via Candoni, thanks to support from the ...

How many Roma live in Europe?


Young Roma people take hip-hop courses


Martial arts and hip-hop classes reserved for young Roma people. It happens near Florence, specifically in the neighborhood called Piagge. Where the lessons started today at the multipurpose center "Metropolis", which also hosts a ...

Roma girl wants to become a doctor


“My name is Leonor, I'm Roma. I'm not a princess. I want to become a doctor.” This is the slogan for a new campaign by Spain's Roma foundation in Madrid. It's no coincidence that ...

The Roma who built a five-star hotel


Swiss design and precision, combined with Roma passion and hospitality: this is the winning recipe at Hotel Gračanica, the first and probably only hotel in the world conceived, designed, built and managed almost entirely ...