Refugees, Asylum seekers in Italy

In this section, West selects the most up-to-date news, accompanied by regulations, data and studies pertaining to refugees and political asylum-seekers: foreigners who are forced to leave their country of origin, in search of another country, and, who based on the Geneva Convention of 1951, qualify as refugee and have the requisites for requesting asylum or temporary international protection.

Point to Tunisia to convince the rebel NGOs


There is a missing piece in the effective strategy put in place by Italy's Interior Minister to create order out of the Mediterranean chaos.  And, which would be useful to counter the objections of ...

How many Italian municipalities do host immigrants


"Less than 50% of the total number of Italian municipalities host immigrants." This was reported by the Minister of the Interior during the question time that was held yesterday at the Chamber of Deputies. ...

Minniti finds solutions and the Italians strike them down


While Italy’s Minister of the Interior seeks a feasible, realistic European solution to the immigration chaos that plagues his countries shores, he is constantly met with naysayers back at home. Let’s look at the ...

Human traffickers take advantage of the EU’s silence


The boom in the number of immigrants arriving on Italy’s shores over the last 4 days (10,500) seems like yet another challenge to the EU’s impotence launched by the human traffickers. Upon seeing the ...