Refugees, Asylum seekers

In this section, West selects the most up-to-date news, accompanied by regulations, data and studies pertaining to refugees and political asylum-seekers: foreigners who are forced to leave their country of origin, in search of another country, and, who based on the Geneva Convention of 1951, qualify as refugee and have the requisites for requesting asylum or temporary international protection.

After the dreamers the refugees arrive at the White House


The trumpets of war are again sounding on American immigration. Just a few weeks after the resounding announcement by President Trump of not guaranteeing, as is his prerogative, the prosecution of the DACA (Deferred ...

The EU Court of Justice blames the enemies of refugees


European countries do not have the right to oppose the distribution of refugees. This was established yesterday by the EU Court of Justice in rejecting the appeal by Slovakia and Hungary against Brussel’s decision ...

Point to Tunisia to convince the rebel NGOs


There is a missing piece in the effective strategy put in place by Italy's Interior Minister to create order out of the Mediterranean chaos.  And, which would be useful to counter the objections of ...

Afghan refugee becomes Danish soccer star


Nadia Nadim went from being a refugee to a soccer star in Denmark. In fact, it was her goal against the Germans that qualified Copenhagen for the European Championship in women’s soccer, to take ...