Families and poverty

How many Italians have become poor after marital split


In Italy, there is no longer a doubt that poverty increases when marriages fail. After the end of the marriage, among other things, the couple is forced to redefine their living arrangements. And, within ...

New government assistance for poor families: animal voucher


Bikers build homes for poor families in Romania


More than 130 bikers in Romania helped to build houses for 16 poor families in Cumpana, in the South – Eastern Romania. They worked together with the future house owners and specialists from the ...

Here is the law introducing the Inclusion Welfare Assistance


Green light of the Italian Senate to the Inclusion Welfare Assistance (Reddito di Inclusione). Today, in fact, the new rules against poverty, already approved by the Chamber of Deputies in July, received the final ok. ...

A new type of cannabilism spreading in American cities


Mark McCullen, unemployed alcoholic and drug addict, from the suburbs of Cleveland (USA), survives by selling his plasma to the pharmaceutical companies. His is only one example of a phenomenon that is growing among ...