Integration services

In this section, West selects the most up-to-date news, accompanied by regulations, data and studies regarding the welcoming and integration of immigrants: the initiatives and Best Practices implemented by institutions and Ngo’s in various countries that favor the socio-economic integration of immigrants.

Halal travel opens borders for Muslim tourists


Halal is the new frontier of international tourism. In fact there is a growth in this area with world tour operators offering packages tailored for Muslim travellers which are in accordance with the dictates ...

New tool to monitor EU actions for integration


The European Website on Integration is releasing an online tool to monitor the progress of its implementation, one year later (June 2016) that the European Commission launched the Action Plan for the Integration of ...

Here is why videogames help immigrant children adjust


Videogames act as instruments of integration for refugees who are minors. At least, this is the result of an experiment undertaken by New York university on a sample of Syrian children and adolescents, refugees ...

Austria bans the burka as part of new migrant law


Austrian lawmakers have approved a ban on the burka amongst a series of other controversial steps to integrate migrants. The measure was backed by both of the ruling parties, on Tuesday, in spite of ...