Immigration in the United Kingdom

In this section, West selects the most up-to-date news, accompanied by regulations, data and studies on immigration and immigrants: those who, regardless of whether they have citizenship or not, live and work in a country different than the one in which they were born.

Super-data-sharing solution protects prostitutes


Hi-tech prostitution in the UK has contributed to saving the lives of many prostitutes in that country.By signing up for a special database called National Ugly Mugs, the sex worker across The Channel, can, in fact, report ...

Modern slaves coming from Albania headed to the U.K.


Albania is the principle supplier of potential victims of modern slavery  to the United Kingdom. This fact emerged in the “National Referral Mechanism”. The inquiry initiated by a numer of British institutions traced the last three years ...

‘Muslims Like Us’, the ultimate reality show


A gay Muslim, a non-practising Muslim, a Salafi convert to Islam and a Syrian refugee who happens to be Muslim. These were the variety of voices, lifestyles and belief patterns of Muslims, which were ...