Domestic violence in Spain

Spanish youth keep machismo alive and well


One-third of young Spanish men think it is “acceptable or inevitable to stop one's partner from seeing her friends or family, tell her what she can or cannot do, check her schedule or stop ...

Denounced the violence, here is the fear


Antiviolence locksmith


New life, new lock. Sometimes to change a house key can save a life, especially if we talk about the house of a woman victim of gender violence. Unfortunately, this operation implies costs up ...

Unpunished violence


Starting from this week, the number of clerks working in the Courts of Madrid dealing with gender violence crimes will be reduced. The cuts announced by the Gobierno de la Comunidad will involve 50% ...

Beastly husbands


A monthly average of 377 domestic abuses against women has been denounced in Spain between April and June 2011. The information comes from the Observatory on Violence over Wives, that also reports an increase ...