Health and social care in Italy

Updated information about vaccines in Italy


What does an adverse event mean when it is associated with a vaccine? If it happens, how does it need to be reported? These are just a few of the questions for which the ...

Mandatory vaccination regulation enters into force in Italy


Nobody beats Italy when it comes to rare diseases


Italy represents the highest number of centers of excellence in Europe for rare diseases. The country’s network of these highly specialized centers (ERN – European Reference Networks): amounts to 189 out of a total ...

Pet-therapy in Milan airports to reduce stress


Pet-therapy in Milan airports to help the small and big passengers relax before takeoff. This is the initiative launched by SEA together with the association Amici Terapeuti Onlus. In fact, for the entire summer, in ...

The truth and lies about vaccinations


It is not true that vaccines contain toxic and hazardous substances such as mercury, formaldehyde and aluminium. While, there is no doubt that the current decline in immunizing has caused the upsurge of certain ...