Citizenship in France

In this section, West selects the most up-to-date news, accompanied by regulations, data and studies on citizenship for foreigners: the legal mechanisms established in the various countries that establish the conditions according to which a foreigner and his/her family are able to become citizens in the country to which they have immigrated.

How many immigrants are there in France?


In France, immigrants are 9% of the population. It has emerged from the French National Institute of Statistics INSEE in its latest bulletin. According to which, the number of foreign people born abroad and ...

Citizenship does not cure all social ills in France


France has granted citizenship to 2.2 million of its 5 million immigrants. The concession of citizenship is not enough to protect immigrants from being accused of  not belonging to the Hexagone. This is the ...

2) Le Pen phenomenon


Two months before France's presidential election, Front National continues to rise in the polls, registering its best historical result. It is an unexpected success, especially if we consider that it was only one year ...

1) Marine Le Pen, the new Circe enchantress


Twelve months after Front National established its leadership and four months before next presidential election, Marine Le Pen may represent a real shift in the French political landscape. Not only for the wide and ...