Disability in Italy

A film helps little kids understand deafness


When they discover that two of their three children are deaf, Alberto and Luisa experience a profound crisis. They fight and can’t seem to get along, because Giulia and Carlotta’s disability has disoriented them. ...

Michele raps about having Duchenne dystrophy


Toro Seduto (Sitting Bull) is what he insists upon being called, even if he is in a wheelchair. Michele Sanguine, is 32 years old and he has Duchenne dystrophy. This does not, however, keep ...

What about falling in love with a disabled person


Sarah, a 28-year-old American girl, knew a tetraplegic 30-year-old boy called Luca on the internet and they fell in love. While Marco is Lorenza’s husband. She is a mother in the wheelchair and former ...