Disability and sexuality in Italy

Here’s how we gay, disabled individuals fall in love


Sex, disability, and homosexuality. These three words don’t go together for most people. To refute the myth that a disabled person, perhaps a gay one, cannot look for love, an amusing video was launched ...

When someone with a disability falls in love with you


Barbara’s daily sex lessons for wheelchair users


And now, how to make love with a disability: this is a typical post by writer and wheelchair user Barbara Garlaschelli, whose ironic, humorous sex lessons are a hit on Facebook. In an attempt ...

Tackling the taboo of sex and disability in the sack


Sex and disability: two words you rarely see together, as if it were taboo. But today it's finally been broken in 'Under the covers', a documentary by Colombian director Johan Florez, who is Italian ...

Who says sexuality disappears when disability strikes?


“Sexuality is fundamental for all human beings, I don't see why it should be any different for someone with a disability. The urges don't disappear when you're different, they stay the same. And in ...

Filipino wives for lonely, disabled men


It costs between €500 to €1000 to meet a young, genuine Filipino woman and marry her within four months. This is the offer at Matrimonio Asiatico, an agency based in Marigliano, Naples (Italy), which ...