CSR in Spain

A guide to persuade entrepreneurs to invest on disability


Raising awareness and encouraging socially responsible investment for the inclusion of people with disabilities. This is the objective of the guide published by the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI), thanks ...

Spanish police show their sense of social responsibility


In Spain, the "Guardia Civil" is the first police force that published a report on Corporate Social Responsibility. The document contains the several measures and actions taken by this police force in benefit of ...

Corporate responsibility to include disability policies, says GRI


As of today, corporate social responsibility will include disability indicators. The historic turning point was announced by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which evaluates and promotes socio-economic and environmental sustainability. The non-profit organisation sets ...

Spanish universities promote social-enterprise best practice


The social economy is being increasingly promoted by Spanish universities. First the University of Comillas published its 'Guide for the social entrepreneur' and now the University of Salamanca is following suit with its own ...

Catalan companies test out corporate social responsibility


About 100 businesses in the Catalan countryside are currently testing out a new socially-responsible management method, promoted by the EU. A group of businesses from different sectors (agro-food 35%, services 33% and tourism 31%) ...

From business to responsible enterprise


Spain launched the first online interactive course on the different models of social capitalism. The goal of the MOOC project is to sharpen the techniques and instruments to tackle social and environmental issues, entrusting ...

Different faces of families