Trump chooses immigration issue to get out of the corner

by Guido Bolaffi - 2017.08.04
Trump chooses immigration issue to get out of the corner
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Yesterday, with a surprise move that disoriented friends and enemies, Trump gave a thumbs up to difficult but courageous immigration reforms made in USA. A decision considered by many to be a long-shot, given that his predecessors, George Bush and Barak Obama had only abysmal failures to show after their attempts to address the same sticky issue. But, this new tactic allows the big man in the White House to distract attention from the recent, heavy loss suffered over his healthcare policies, and to start speaking “directly” about the economy and American social issues, just like he was so happy to do for months on end when he was still campaigning for office.

And, the impact should not be underestimated, of his shifting focus from the Mexican wall to immigration reform. Which, aside from making things difficult for the Democratic opposition, might just be the thing he needs to start talks up again with the powerful, but currently hostile Latino lobby.

But it doesn’t end there. In the meantime, because the 4 central points of the reform sponsored by the White House (reduce by half the number of immigrants that enter the US over a 10 year period; substitute the current Family-based system with a more modern, advanced one based on points and professional profiles; cancellation of the visa lottery; establish a ceiling of 50,000 immigrants allowed entry annually) have shown up repeatedly over these last years but were never successfully attained. But, most of all, one can’t help but notice that they speak, simultaneously, to two worlds very far apart, but electorally and economically crucial.

The first, is where we find the American poor and unqualified, trampled on by the readily available, cheap and convenient immigrant workforce. The second, represented by the so-called geek economy, that is fuelled by the well-known mechanism of guaranteed entry visas for family reunification reasons, to highly-skilled technology wonks and super professionals.

Moral of the story: in the first 6 months of Trump’s presidency, due to decreased migratory pressure, the number of arrests at the nearly two thousand mile border stretched over the southern part of the US, fell by more than 48%.

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