To him, a woman is prey, not a human being

by Angelica Basile - 2017.04.10
To him, a woman is prey, not a human being
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Tell me what you want to wear and I’ll tell you if you want to sleep with me. This seems to be the modus operandi of men on the prowl in local bars and hot spots. A particularly high heel, or mini-skirt, or make-up a little more pronounced than usual, are all clear signs for a man that you are willing to get to know him, and why not, even give in. It’s not important if the woman in question merely wanted to get decked out to feel good and beautiful, or maybe to hang out with a few girlfriends. She is viewed as attractive prey, in any case. And, available. Which means, that her evening will be spent fighting off seducers, some even a bit aggressive.

A dominant behavior in men, that has been analyzed, at least partially, by two recent studies.

First, conducted by the University of Iowa under the direction of psychologist, Teresa Treat, who is convinced that the main problem for any age group, is to look only at the physical aspect of a woman (clothes, make up etc) and not at the so-called emotional signals that she launches. Of which, the most important, facial expressions and body language: the way in which, for example, her gestures with her hands try to create a distance, or, pull someone closer. Details that, according to Treat, escape (or so men say) the overwhelming majority of men. Who, dazzled by the exterior aspect of the gentile sex, are able to even minimize the seriousness of violent acts, by justifying the provocative nature of the victim on hand, for that particular evening.

Second, from a study by researchers at Southwestern University, dug even further. It revealed that at the root of these erroneous perceptions by men, is the conviction that, if he is attracted to a woman, then she should, according to his certain vision of reality, mutually reciprocate. The director of the study, Carin Perilloux, in fact, explained how it is particularly “male” to project his interest onto the woman who is the object of his desires. As if to say “if I like you, then, you have to like me too”. Not only. She has her own theory that sees males acting according to their evaluation of risks: acting on impulse or abstaining, based on the possibility that he’ll be refused. But, in the end, as she sees it, he embraces the complete benefit of trying, rather than leaving things to fate. Because, in his eyes, even if not said eloquently, “can’t win if you don’t play!”.

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