The three beach body tests anorexics have been waiting for

by Beatrice Credi - 2015.07.03
The three beach body tests anorexics have been waiting for
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Watch out for the three hottest body tests this summer 2015. Because there are a lot of potential anorexics who will, along with other girls, put themselves to the test in front of the mirror. They may do it for a joke, or some with conviction, without their family and friends knowing. But they might hope to pass the trio of crucial tests to show off their bikini in public, without anxiety.

1) Collarbone Challenge. Being so thin that you have a gap between your neck and collar bone that can hold as many coins as possible. Better still if you can hold 80, like Lv Jiarong, a world-famous actress who has made this unusual token of skinniness popular.

2) Belly Button Challenge. Put your arm behind your back and see if and how near your hand can get to your belly button. If you fail, know that you need to lose weight until you look like a contortionist. But don't worry, my pilates teacher says it's normal to have one arm more flexible than the other, so before you diet, try the other arm.

3) Bikini Bridge Challenge. Give up every scrap of calories just so you can create a gap between your hip bones and the material of your swimming costume.

These challenges went viral online in just a few weeks, particularly on social networks. There are a lot of videos where girls compete to prove they have passed at least one of the three 'tests'. Despite preachings from mothers, fathers and psychotherapists, the motto 'skinny is beautiful' never seems to go out of fashion and never ceases to attract new devotees.

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