The summer holidays are bad for children’s health and fitness

by Editorial Staff - 2017.07.11
The summer holidays are bad for children’s health and fitness
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Lack of physical activity during the summer holidays is having a detrimental effect on children’s fitness levels, with youths losing most of the fitness they gain at school, according to a study by UK Active that measured 400 pupils before and after the summer holidays. The authors found that, on average, British school children lose 80% of the fitness they build up during term time through “lazy” time off, with activities such as summer camps and sports clubs out of financial reach for many parents. The authors believe the prohibitive cost of many school holiday activities, such as summer camps, means many of the poorest children are left slumped on the sofa in front of screens, putting them at much higher risk of deadly diseases such as heart disease, cancer and type-II diabetes in later life. The results were most pronounced among children from the poorest 25% of families, whose deterioration was 18 times greater than those from the richest 25%.

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