The Bundestag brings in the dual citizenship

by Mattia Rosini - 2014.07.07

Germany brought in the dual citizenship. The parliament in Berlin passed the bill which removes the so-called 'Optiospflicht', a duty for those born from an immigrant family to choose one nationality – Germany’s or the family’s – as they turn 23. The SPD strongly backed the law that was instead opposed for decades by the CDU and will affect mostly the Turkish community, made up of million people, for which only one citizenship was allowed so far (the Doppelpass was already granted to EU-citizens and Swiss-citizens). The Bundestag also reformed the asylum law, by officially considering Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia as "safe countries". The goal is to decrease the number of asylum seekers from these countries who have come to Germany aiming to its welfare benefits. From now on, it will be virtually impossible even to apply for asylum for individuals coming from the three Balkan nations. However, the law also makes life easier for (actual) asylum seekers who will be able to work after a three months long stay in Germany, instead of nine months.

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