The artist who beat achromatopsia

by Annalisa Lista - 2015.07.28
The artist who beat achromatopsia
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Imagine a man who walks the streets with an antenna on his head, explaining his incredible story to passersby. He's Neil Harbisson, the well known English painter who stars in an original documentary, 'Hearing Colours'. By a twist of fate, he was born with a visual disorder: achromatopsia, which means that since birth he has seen the world in black and white. Until the day he decided to implant software in his brain, connected himself to an antenna with a micro camera, which captures the frequencies of the surrounding colours. It turns them into notes, sounds and melodies. So, just like Baudelaire in his famous correspondences, Neil now literally hears and feels colours. He can now distinguish about 360. This has earned him the new identity of the world's first human cyborg. It has also given him an unusual artistic sensibility, which emerges from his very special exhibitions.

Hearing Colors from Greg Brunkalla on Vimeo.

Published in Disability in numbers.
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