Switzerland: the paradise for pensioners

by Paola Battista - 2014.02.27
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According to the Global Retirement Index 2014 and the multidimensional index that compares 150 international pension systems to meet the needs of workers arrived at the well-deserved rest, Switzerland provides the best retiree financial security to its former employees. Moreover, other 7 European countries would be placed among the 10 highest-ranked nations: Norway, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland and Luxembourg. With New Zealand and Australia that close the top ten.

  • Top 10 countries with best retirement systems

    Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Holland and Luxembourg are the most attractive countries in terms of retirement. Awarding the first 10 places in the Global Retirement Index 2017 of Natixis Global Asset Management, which analyzed 43 states in the world by comparing the various retirement systems.  Read More.

  • Even in Switzerland immigration divides the society and economy

    Switzerland risks paying a high price for its restrictive immigration policies of the last few years. The alarm was launched by the colossal bank UBS with its extremely detailed report that predicts a serious shortage of workers, amounting to half a million jobs left unfilled, in the country’s near future. Caused also Read More.

  • New government assistance for poor families: animal voucher

    The Italian municipality of Trieste has decided to help citizens who are in economic difficulty take care of their pets. A special fund has been set up that will provide a €30 coupon that can be spent on necessities for one’s pet, especially for visits with the veterinarian. This assistance Read More.

  • Italian ranking of wealthy pensioners

    Notaries, with over €77,000 a year, rank first in the list of the richest Italian pensioners. Followed by University professors, journalists and company executives. Then there are accountants, lawyers and the workers in the telecommunications industry. Anyway, if we include the Constitutional institutions, in the first place we find the Read More.

  • Italy has the oldest MDs in Europe

    Italy wins the prize for having the oldest MDs in Europe, with more than 1 out of 2 being older than 55 years old (52%). It also wins an award for the country with the least amount of female physicians compared to other EU countries (40% of total). The body Read More.

  • Going on retirement makes happier than going to work

    It is not true that pensioners are sad, depressed and nostalgic. It’s rather the contrary. According to a study led by the American bank and firm Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, in fact, nearly all the sample surveyed has declared to be peaceful and happy of their new life. Much Read More.