‘Snipp’ and ‘Snopp’ explain sexuality to children

by Beatrice Credi - 2015.11.06
‘Snipp’ and ‘Snopp’ explain sexuality to children
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'Snipp' and 'Snopp' - words for the male and female genitalia in Swedish - are two funny characters in the cartoon of the same name, created by Tony Cronstam. The illustrator decided to start the project for children after his three-year-old daughter told him about some of the comments she heard her friends making about genitals. “When we talk about them, there is a different acceptance between male and female,” he says. For example: “No one questions a little boy playing with his penis. Some adults might laugh and say, 'you'll have fun with that when you grow up'. But I've never seen anyone make the same remarks to a girl, quite the opposite.” The book therefore tries to establish gender equality in how we speak about our sexual organs, especially for children. The cartoonist also hopes to achieve international success with an upcoming version in English, 'Willy' and 'Nunny'.

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