Pope Francesco: govern immigration to create integration

by Guido Bolaffi - 2017.09.11
Pope Francesco: govern immigration to create integration
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Who knows if those who a few days ago who called Minniti “copper” for having blocked the uncontrolled flux of immigration arrivals from Libya will say the same to the Pope. Who on his return from Colombia made it perfectly clear that a good immigration strategy is one that regulates the numbers of entrances based on a country’s capacity/possibility to guarantee, with a welcome worthy of this term, effective integration of the new arrivals.

The taking of a position that even if, out of short-sighted instrumentalism, one could label as a turnaround with respect to the purported, traditional non-conditional openness of the Catholic Church, undoubtedly signals a complete change, a positive consequence. In first place because, at least for the moment, it puts an end to the clamorous and in many ways poisonous debate of recent weeks against the actions of the Italian Government orchestrated by certain NGOs. That don’t realise that by continuing to say “no” to the rules established by Italy, in accordance with Europe, on the rescue and transfer activities of in the Mediterranean they risk reducing and belittling the noble ends of their existence to that of a rather transparent syndicate of immigrants.

But above all because Pope Francesco’s word finally shed light on the error of those who, on the right, say “no” to immigration whatever is the case. As well as many on the left, who pull their hair out and shout claims of betrayal against anyone who claims that immigration must be regulated if possible. Particularly to ensure that those “who make it” are not only the queue jumpers but also the weakest and most deserving.

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