Political myopia

by Fabiana Settanni - 2012.05.02
Political myopia
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While French people are waiting for the new occupant of the Elysée, from the presidential election campaign, has already emerged certain dataIn France it is always stronger the disconnect between politics and society. So much so that, while most of the candidates are working to present every kind of recipes against illegal immigration, it turns out that the priorities of the citizens are quite different. According to a recent survey "ViaVoice-BPCE", in fact, only 3% of respondents were concerned about the excessive presence of foreigners in the country. For all others, the real problems to solve are essentially three: the expensive fuel (51%), the increase of the unemployment rate (31%) and the collapse of the purchasing power of households (15%).

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  • For fear of expulsion illegal immigrants avoid drugs and alcohol

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  • The European Court of Justice rejects attempts to skirt immigration laws

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