‘Paedophiles anonymous’ can prevent abuse

by Mattia Rosini - 2013.07.05
‘Paedophiles anonymous’ can prevent abuse
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Paedophilia can be treated with preventative therapy. This is the message in an advert from the association Kein Täter werden (Don't be an offender), which will be broadcast on nine German TV networks and cinemas across the country. The advert is already available online. A 30-second video explains the benefits of preventative psychological therapy for people who are prone to having sexual fantasies about children. For some people, these thoughts remain mere fantasy, without turning into violent episodes of abuse – but only if they can be addressed in time. “I don't want to become guilty,” is the advert's slogan. Kein Täter werden is a prevention network in Berlin and six other German cities. The project was founded in 2005 by the University Charité, and offers a free and completely confidential treatment for those suffering from a sexual orientation disorder. Weekly psychotherapy can be accompanied by additional medical support, which aims to provide patients with the tools to identify their sexual impulses and prevent them from developing in an aggressive direction.

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