Occasional domestic violence doesn’t count in Italy

by Roberta Lunghini - 2014.01.21
Occasional domestic violence doesn’t count in Italy
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According to the Italian Court of Cassation, acts of brutal violence carried out against one's children or wife can't be considered as family abuse if they don't happen on a regular basis. This was the reason given for annulling a court order by the Court of Rome, which banned a man from seeing his family because he assaulted his wife and child three times during three years. The child suffered visible bruising, swelling and cuts to the face. The serious assaults were confirmed by witnesses and medical reports. The supreme court judges, however, maintained that the crime in question requires “a pattern of habitual behaviour that may manifest itself in acts that damage the victim's mental and physical health, honour, dignity or could manifest as contempt and abuse of the victim” - but not “occasional and irregular occurrences”.

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