Now they want to sell us dolls with genitals

by Guido Bolaffi - 2015.06.29
Now they want to sell us dolls with genitals
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We nearly fell over backwards when we learned just a few hours ago that Sweden will soon be selling dolls with penises. They're designed and made by a determined mother, Julia Taube, who is convinced that the world's most sexually equal nation is ready to abolish the male-female distinction even in toys.

When she saw with irritation that her daughter liked playing with Barbie and her son preferred the muscular ninja, she decided to break the mould by launching My I Dolls. They are dolls of various sizes and colours, which, says says: “to be anatomically correct, should display all the sexual attributes of human beings: including breasts, pelvic and genital hair.”

We don't know if and how much the market will reward her initiative. The only certainty is the feeling that this is really going beyond common sense. And that our difficulty in accepting a doll with a penis cannot be summarily dismissed as an expression of an unconscious, ingrained, conservative sexism.

Fighting against stereotypes and for gender equality, without risking a backlash, means creating the conditions for peaceful coexistence, rather than the total abolition of differences between the sexes. Which, not surprisingly, are also fiercely and lovingly defended by gay and transgender people.

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