Now millionaires also number among the immigrants

by Guido Bolaffi - 2017.10.05
Now millionaires also number among the immigrants
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That the number of immigrants is growing in relative terms is a given. However, until recently, we did not know that this growth also extended to the high earners of the world. A new trend analysed and described in the recent brilliant paper “Millionaire Emigration” by the Migration Policy Institute of Washington. According to which, in 2015, based on the latest research conducted by the international consultancy company New World Health, those heading the group of super millionaires who had left their country to “relocate” abroad consisted of, in order: the French (10,000), Chinese (9,000), Italians (6,000) and Indians (4,000).

Numbers that on the surface are not stratospheric, if compared to those much higher of the “migratory galaxy of the poor”, but are notable all the same. Not just because, given the profound, heterogeneous economic-social and political-cultural composition of the countries of origin, the question is if there is and what is the basic common denominator behind this emigration of “wealth”. But above all why the arrival of these foreigners, even if rich, have created negative reactions in the host countries that are no less serious than those provoked by the embarkation of the “other type” of poorer and notably more desperate immigrants. The proof of which is that fact that in recent years all the countries most affected by the phenomenon, the United States, Canada and Australia first and foremost, until recently quite relaxed about it all, have been forced to adopt a harsh turn of the screw to put the brakes on what the most hardened critics have disparaging called “cash for citizenship immigration”.

In the light of the facts the truth is that put under the spotlight of respective public opinion, the national authorities have had to accept that the policy of easy visas for “immigrant capitalists” has not produced the predicted and promised positive effects for the economy and employment. For the simple reason that, as explained in the American think-tank document, the super-rich immigrants, as is the case for all the others, have the sole, egoistic objective of achieving a better standard of life for themselves and their families by changing country.

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