Most Spanish Catholics support gay marriage

by Ivano Abbadessa - 2014.02.11
Most Spanish Catholics support gay marriage
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Gay marriage is not the end of the family as understood by Christians, at least according to 64% of Spanish Catholics, who say they are in favour of marriage for same-sex couples and 43% who think same-sex marriages should be celebrated in church. This is an unprecedented turning point for Spain, once considered the bastion of Christian conservatism in Europe. The statistics show that the alarmist warnings of Catholic leaders regarding traditional family values are essentially baseless. Once introduced into national law, gay marriage, which has been legal in Spain since 2005, does not affect daily life for Christians. The survey, which was also carried out in another 11 Catholic countries, shows that believers are more intolerant in countries where same-sex marriage is illegal. For example, in Italy or Poland, 66% and 78%, respectively, say they are against this right.

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