“La niña bonita” gives hope to Syrian refugees

by Editorial Staff - 2017.02.16
“La niña bonita” gives hope to Syrian refugees
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There is increasing interest in the documentary La niña bonita (“The beautiful girl”). The Spanish film features two women as protagonists. The first is Hala, a very young girl from the Syrian province of Homs, who ended up living in a refugee camp in Greece with her family. Hers is the face of 6 million Syrians that had to leave their country because of the war. The second protagonist is Mirta Drago, the current Director of Communications at Mediaset Spain, who at the age of 15 became a refugee when she was forced to leave her home in Santiago, Chile, after the coup d’etat of General Augusto Pinochet. The film shows the parallel lives of these two females. Director Julieta Cherep highlights the frustration and impotence of refugees all over the world, wherever they may be, and regardless of historical context. The documentary that was commissioned by the Spanish Committee of the United Nations for Refugees, sends a message that despite suffering and fear, the hope for a better future should never die.

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