In Spain a default leads to another

by Manuela Pirrone - 2012.10.01

Is it better not to be mothers to find work? It would seem so, at least in Spain, a country where single parent families increased by 78% over the last 10 years, and where they are almost all taken up by women. The most common structure of 548,600 households with a single parent consists of a mother and her son financially dependent, according to the data provided by "The Second Study about Women with Family Responsibilities" of the Adecco Foundation. This would be a disadvantage for women in general, especially when you are looking for a job. 89% of the respondents are unemployed and complain of discrimination based on prejudice that a single mother would make a bad job because of other commitments. This bias would be confirmed by some data: 26% of single mothers are unemployed and more than half are employed only part-time.

  • A nursery where Italian and foreign kids play together

    In Milan there is a very special nursery called "Children’s Dream" (“Sogno di Bimbi”); it is a little paradise that welcomes Italian and foreign children, from 12 months to 3 years of age. The single mothers of these children are on low incomes and don’t have a place in a Read More.

  • Call for new mothers seeking work in the Lazio Region

    A new call for proposals of the Lazio Region, in order to encourage the work inclusion of new mothers living on the territory, has been published. With a total allocation of € 900,000, it is aimed at unemployed residents, including foreign ones in possession of a valid residence permit, with Read More.

  • Boomerang dads still win over the kids

    Daughters are the ones who are especially ready to welcome “Boomerang Dads” back with open arms. This is the term applied to fathers who decide to come back home after abandoning the family for years. No rancor towards them among the female offspring. At least, this is what a study from the Read More.

  • The new fairy-tale-collection for single-parent families

    Two years after the first book, it comes the second edition of "The Magic World of OP." The fairy-tale-collection specifically addressed to single parents’ children. Free online and downloadable, it also contains drawings made by children and unpublished stories selected and voted by the members of OneParent. The first community Read More.

  • Sweden approves artificial insemination for single women

    The right to have artificial insemination for free has been approved in Sweden for single women, the government having already approved the right for same-sex couples. The historic yes cross-party vote in Stockholm passed a law that guarantees women without partners the right to access the treatment through public healthcare. Read More.

  • Single mothers are the most sleep-deprived people

    Single parents, especially women, were more likely than adults in other types of families to have short sleep duration, frequently have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and frequently wake up feeling not well-rested. In fact, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that 44% Read More.