How France wants to fight violence against women

by Beatrice Credi - 2016.11.24

Figures remain tragic. In 2015, in France, 122 women were killed at the hands of their spouse or ex. Each year, on average, 84,000 women are victims of rape or attempted rape. In order to better combat what is a scourge not only in France, Laurence Rossignol, the minister of equal opportunities, launched a new plan on the occasion of the day dedicated to them (25 November). The plan focuses on two axes. The first, a greater protection of minors. They pay a very high price. 43,000 children are currently living in a house where a woman was reported to have been abused. Of these, 42% are less than 6-year-olds. The second, a guide against cyber-sexism. Young women are, in fact, more exposed to the phenomenon. Harassment online and distribution of intimate photos and movies are just two of the traps that often fall. This is why the plan contains valuable information about their rights in case they remain involved in such a situation.

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