Here’s how we gay, disabled individuals fall in love

by Annalisa Lista - 2017.03.17
Here’s how we gay, disabled individuals fall in love
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Sex, disability, and homosexuality. These three words don’t go together for most people. To refute the myth that a disabled person, perhaps a gay one, cannot look for love, an amusing video was launched by the Italian association in Bologna, Jump Oltre (Jump Beyond) , that defends the rights of disabled LGBT. Main protagonist of the clip is 22-year-old Giuseppe, a gay man in a wheelchair, who in addition to being a lover of books and films, is also a lover of the pleasures of the flesh, like everyone else, he declares vehemently. With a healthy dose of irony, Giuseppe confesses his attraction to some celebrities and shares his technique for winning them over. And, he doesn’t spare us his description as a demanding lover with certain sexual tastes. Making sure that we understand that being disabled and gay does not mean having to accept the first one that comes along. And he tells us about having no fear of remaining single forever (in Italian “zitelli forever”). His verve has already attracted hundreds of thousands of Facebook views.

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  • Seven graduates in sex assistance for the disabled

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