Film shines light on disability and the kangaroo complex

by Paola Battista - 2014.10.10
Film shines light on disability and the kangaroo complex
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When a baby kangaroo reaches maturity, it leaves its mother's pouch to discover the world. But this is a distant goal for families with a severely disabled child. It's the subject of a documentary called 'Le complexe du kangourou' (the kangaroo complex), which has just opened in Belgium. Its director, Sarah Moon Howe, a psychology graduate, says it tells the story of the ongoing “body-on-body without boundaries, with children raised in a pocket that gets tighter and tighter.” She decided to film the story of four mothers and their children in the same situation, to observe from close quarters the delicate balance between the constant need for attention and the task of helping them grow, slowly, by themselves. Flora, mother of Anaïs says: “When she stays in her bubble she's happier. I understand it, but if I don't push her to go out, she'd stay at home all the time. She's 23 and she's still here, in her cave. But our goal is the external: the future of our children. Going out means accepting their adult lives, their needs and their own lives they have to lead. Even though it's sometimes hard.”

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