Family rights for gay couples not recognised in all EU states

by Letizia Orlandi - 2013.02.15
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Just 17 EU countries grant rights to same sex partners for legal immigration purposes. This may occur through the recognition of same-sex marriage, through some other form of registered relationship, or through specific provisions made in immigration law. These countries are:

  • Austria (2010)

  • Belgium (1997)

  • Croatia (2003)

  • Czech Republic (2007)

  • Denmark (1989) [including Greenland (1996)]

  • Finland (2001)]

  • France (1999)

  • Germany (2001)

  • Hungary (2009)

  • Ireland (2008)

  • Luxembourg (2004)

  • The Netherlands (2001)

  • Portugal (2001)

  • Slovenia (2006)

  • Spain (2005)

  • Sweden (1994)

  • United Kingdom (1997)

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