Europe, no sex change without sterilization

by Claudia Moschi - 2013.01.22
Europe, no sex change without sterilization
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In the very civil EU, compulsory transgender sterilization is still wide-spread today. It is a practice that some States impose on individuals who decide to change sex, obliging them to undergo surgery that prevents them from procreating.

And, surprise of the surprise, it’s the countries most active in the protection of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexuals, and transgender) rights that keep in force these laws. In particular Belgium, Finland, France, Norway and the Netherlands. Without considering that Germany and Spain put an end to this hateful practice only a few years ago. A decision that Sweden – although being the first country that has recognized transexualism, allowing sex change surgery to be financed by public money – made only last week.

What about Italy? It was in 1982 that the Italian Transgender Movement of the Radical party succeeded to introduce the law 164, which allowed sex change – with respective updating of personal data. And it went beyond: according to Arcigay, people who have legally concluded their gender transition can get married and adopt.

But the European ‘pink jersey’ for transgender rights protection goes to the United Kingdom, where legal procedures for gender recognition take place in the absence of genital surgery obligatory since 2004 already.

Ireland and Lithuania, which prohibit sex change tout court - bring up the rear. A clear sign that the Old Continent has much to learn on this theme.

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