EU disagrees on sexual health and abortion rights

by Letizia Orlandi - 2013.10.23

The EU parliament, at a meeting in Strasbourg, has said no to the draft resolution on sexual and reproductive health and rights, which was supported by the last meeting of the parliamentary committee FEMM. The proposal was a strongly-worded invitation, if not an obligation, to member states to ensure universal access to legal, safe abortion, contraception and artificial insemination. The MEPs voted against two particular recommendations contained in the text: 1. "The EU countries should regulate and monitor the use of conscientious objection in the key professions." This is a clear reference to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Ireland and Italy, where almost 70% of gynaecologists and 40% of anaesthetists refuse to practice abortions. 2. Abortion and contraception must be provided without discrimination "of gender, marital status, disability, sexual orientation/gender identity and must be accessible without the consent of parents and guardians.” This last point led to an outcry from the politicians, who argued it would be unthinkable to allow adolescents to have abortions without parental consent.

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