Electronic cigarettes save lives

by Roberta Lunghini - 2016.09.21

Dear Minister Lorenzin, the electronic cigarette could be the Health revolution of the 21st Century”. So begins the letter to the Italian Health Minister, from numerous noted scientists in response to an initiative launched by the Antismoking League. Because after years of research, the data is finally out.  We now know that the “e-cig” is the best ammunition available to fight tobacco dependency.  For at least three reasons.  First, it releases nicotine, but not other toxic substances like traditional cigarettes (tar, toxic gas particles).  In addition, as shown in a recent study published in “Nicotine & Tobacco Research”, inhaling these vapors (from e-cig) instead of the smoke of traditional cigarettes, can lower the number of deaths from smoking-related illnesses by 21%. In conclusion, the experts want to emphasize that, contrary to popular belief, “these electronic devices do not linduce non-smokers  to smoke, because it has been shown that “e-cigs” are used almost exclusively among those who already use tobacco”. 

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