Donate a part of yourself and find yourself unemployed

by Ivano Abbadessa - 2017.03.28
Donate a part of yourself and find yourself unemployed
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In addition to specific health reasons, organ donation could also place a person at risk for losing his/her job. At least in Spain, where this occurred with individuals who missed work for procedures having to do with donating an organ, for example a kidney, to a dying friend or family member. However, an unfair labor practice like this is supported by existing laws which specify: while being a noble gesture, organ donation is voluntary, and not necessary. Hence, it is not included in the acceptable health conditions for which absenteeism is accepted. For this reason, the Spanish Associazione Hepa made a formal proposal to the Health Ministry in Madrid, to consider a special “permission for worker absenteeism for organ donation”. This instrument would allow the interested parties to be protected during the entire donation process, from medical test to the post-operative recovery period.

  • Blood donation rules relaxed for UK gay men

    Blood donation restrictions for gay men are to be relaxed in England and Scotland under a series of equalities reforms. Gay men will be allowed to donate blood three months after sexual intercourse instead of a year. Advances in testing for blood-borne viruses, including hepatitis B and C and HIV, Read More.

  • Turin is the European leader of liver transplants

    Yesterday, in Turin, the record figure of 3,000 liver transplants was touched. This is a historic milestone that made Turin’s Molinette hospital the first center in Europe for the number of liver transplants performed. Worldwide it ranks fifth after Cambridge, Dallas, Birmingham and London Kings College. Since October 10, 1990, Read More.

  • Even for organ transplants clandestinity needs to be stopped

    Spain, world leader in organ donations, has appealed to the United Nations to put a stop to tourism for illegal transplants, by passing a new resolution. To totally eliminate this hateful crime, Madrid proposes two lines of action: to fight unscrupulous traffickers on all fronts and to create mass public awareness Read More.

  • British medicine deserves gold medal for organ transplants

    More than 50,000 English citizens are alive today, thanks to an organ transplant.  As for the distribution of organs: 36,300 have a new kidneys; 9,800 livers, 3,900 hearts, lungs, or both. These official data were just published in NHS Blood and Transplant  that underlines, in addition, the record that was reached, in Read More.

  • Italian hospital performs highest number of pediatric transplants in Europe

    Bambino Gesù located in Rome, is the only pediatric hospital in Europe that is able to perform every type of transplant that exists today. Gaining maximum visibility in the world press recently for its offer to assist little Charlie Gard, the hospital recently published data regarding the number of transplants Read More.

  • Italian athletes receive 8 medals at Olympics of Atheletes with Transplants

    Already 8 medals won by Italian athletes two days from the opening ceremonies of the 21° World Transplant Games. The international sports competition taking place in Malaga, Spain, for athletes from around the world who have received organs and/or tissue transplants. The games which will come to a conclusion on Read More.