Disembarkations decline and the NGOs keep quiet

by Giuseppe Terranova - 2017.08.30
Disembarkations decline and the NGOs keep quiet
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It seems that a century has passed since December 2016 when in these columns we denounced the noble ignorance of  NGOS of the  that whilst saving lives in the Mediterranean were feeding the business of human trafficking. At the time, a number of exponents of associationism accused us of spreading false and biased information. Now we are aware that they were in the wrong and we in the right. Even if with the innocence of a child, the embarkations of the voluntary bodies have supported immigration in the stretch of water dividing Sicily from Africa for a long time. It was the Minister of the Interior, Marco Miniti, who broke this highly dangerous vicious circle. Because he made his own the battle of who wants against who doesn’t want to govern immigration. He moved on two fronts to win it.

The first: the code of conduct of the NGOs. That imposed order and laws to the vessels that for too long had contributed, without even realising, to the transformation of Mare Nostrum (our sea – the Mediterranean) into Mare Vostrum (your sea) at the mercy of unscrupulous traffickers.

The second: it re-established the relationship with the Libyan authorities. From the political exponents to the generals and up until the union leaders of the main coastal cities and the tribal heads who only Muhammar Gheddafi was able to bring into agreement. And we are not just talking about simple handshakes. Every which way, in exchange for Italian (and European) financing, the Ministry of the Interior put into place a Holy Alliance against human trafficking towards Italy. A highly sophisticated and complex diplomatic canvas that based on the figures, has led to the desired results. The numbers tell, in fact, of a nosedive in arrivals. Compared to the same period in 2016, the number of immigrants disembarked on the Italian coast has decreased by 68% (44, 846 compared to 14, 391).

In the context of this result, it should not come by surprise that last Monday, at the Paris Summit on Immigration, France, Germany and Spain agreed to the Minniti strategy on all fronts. With the four-way agreement signed in the French capital the ball of emergency immigration has been passed from the international criminal organisations to the EU governments. Put the brakes on illegal immigration and accelerate legal immigration. So much so that the central premise of the new agreement is the ab origine selection in Chad or Niger, under the aegis of the UNHCR, of those with their papers in order to be granted refugee status in Europe.

Just what is needed to disprove those bell ringers, on the right and left, who find it convenient to describe unpredictable and unmanageable immigration as worse than an earthquake.

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