Disabled Youtuber shares her make-up secrets with the world

by Angelica Basile - 2017.06.30
Disabled Youtuber shares her make-up secrets with the world
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Jordan Bone is not just any blogger. She is especially known for her video blog in which she gives advice about make-up. This 27-year old British woman from  Norfolk, Enland, has spent the last 12 years or more in a wheelchair. She was forced to drastically change her life, after the car accident that put her there. In order to approach her new life as positively as possible, she decided to share her passion for make-up, first over Youtube, and then, through her Instagram profile, that today boasts over 136,000 followers. With whom Jordan shares her day-to-day, trying to be just like her peers. Which is why, in addition to going to work and going out with her girlfreinds, she has also decided to dedicate some time to fitness. In fact, in her videos, you can see her working out with the same equipment as all of the other exercise enthusiasts, despite the obvious challenges created by her wheelchair. The hundreds of viewers appreciate her efforts, behind which they see a message of hope and courage for anyone out there who has had to face adversity and completely reinvent themselves.

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