Deaf couple win right to adopt child who can hear

by Ivano Abbadessa - 2015.01.16
Deaf couple win right to adopt child who can hear
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An unprecedented ruling from an appeal court in Spain has found in favour of a deaf couple who want to adopt a child with full hearing. The aspiring parents filed their case when their local social services said they could only adopt children with the same disability as them. This decision was overturned by the judges who established that the couple are able to take care of a child regardless of whether he or she is deaf or not. Spanish organisations that defend the rights of deaf people say this is an “unprecedented decision, because it recognises the right of people with disabilities to raise a family on an equal footing with other citizens.” They emphasise that their real-life experiences demonstrate how deaf couples can be very normal parents, who are no obstacle to raising happy children, whether biological or adopted.

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