Country in far northern hemisphere eliminates all vices among the young

by Annalisa Lista - 2017.01.26

Drinking, smoking tobacco and marijuana no longer attract young people in Iceland. ln a period of 20 years, cigarette smokers have decreased from 23% to 3%, consumers of marijuana from 17% to 7%, and of alcohol from 42% to 5%. There are five ingredients to what some call the "Iceland Recipe" against addiction to these substances for the new generations. Number One. The introduction of a rigid curfew for teenagers, that forces them to spend time with their family, by ordering them to be home by 10 p.m. in winter, and midnight in summer. Number Two. Zero advertising of alcohol and tobacco-related products. Number Three. A legal age-limit of 20 for purchases of cigarettes, wine, and vodka. Number Four. A strong campaign for extra-scholastic sports and other activities (like parties) that also involve parents. Last but not least, a culture that promotes the neigborhood: one that facilitates events and parties in residential areas during the weekend, in order to create family-oriented activities that reinforce ties with friends and neighbors. This model has been exported to 17 European cities with the same, optimal results.

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