Condemned from childhood by their physical appearance

by Angelica Basile - 2017.07.10

In the USA discrimination against children of color begins already in pre-school. Where they are victims of what has been defined technically as “adultification”. Which means that teachers tend to perceive them as more mature, savvy, aggressive and even a bit more sexual, than their white peers. According to researchers from Georgetown Law’s Center on Poverty and Inequality, this leads teachers to treat black girls with more severity than the rest of the class. To the point that their probability of being suspended is 5 times greater than the average. At the roots of this phenomenon, claims Jamilia Blake – one of the study’s authors – are long held stereotypes associated with the color of one’s skin. And, in particular, ones which embrace the idea that black women are strong, aggressive, and over-sexed: ideas filled with prejudice that surfaced during times of slavery.

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