An adequate old-age minimum income

by Beatrice Credi - 2015.01.07

We often talk about minimum income. Controversial topic for many reasons, but when it comes to determine its effects we forget a category: elderly people. Or better, we underestimate the impact that it will have on people who have reached this age. That's why in a report that lasted two years, the European Minimum Income Network (EMIN) and AGE Platform Europe have decided to analyse the issue from this point of view. Involving France, Ireland and Poland, the project aimed to identify the needs of citizens throughout life, focusing on the specific needs of different age groups and population. The purpose of the research is not to establish a reference budget, but define what an adequate old-age income should entail to live in dignity. In terms of non-monetary aspects: access to health care, long term care, decent housing, leisure and social activities, civic participation. "We hope that the project has initiated a policy debate on income adequacy at every stage of life" say the promoters of the research.

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